Top 10 Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a very beautiful place and there are ample of things one can do there. You could literally spend weeks but still would not be able to see it all. Most attractive feature about this place is it has something for every age group. It has museums, temples , shopping palaces,   markets and what not.  So people often gets confused which places to visit. Now let’s have a brief explanation about the top things to do in Bangkok;

Take a mesmerizing ride of the sky train

To begin with, the first on our list of exciting things to do in Bangkok is the Sky Train. As you know in your trip of few weeks you will not be able to visit all Bangkok but the sky train is a good alternative to mostly visit every part of Bangkok. In a very comfortable state with air conditioned carriages you could visit the city so it is a better option. It is probably the best thing to have a sight of all Bangkok.

Chatuchak market

Next thing you can consider doing is visiting the famous chatuchak market. It’s a place which is a must visit for the tourists. Its size and large collection of quality products can attract many shoppers. It has almost 8000 stalls and more than 200000 visitors shop here on weekends .  if you can dream it , chatuchak market will surely have it. So do visit this market because good quality variety products and that too on good prices is loved by all.


Hey stop,  stop its not what you’re thinking. Here WTF stands for Wonderful Thai Friendship. Its actually a bar. This bar is visited by both local residents and tourists . common guys who does not likes cocktails, music events, DJ, poetries ,art and mouth watering snacks. It is considered as the best bar’s in Bangkok. Having a good drink with delicious snacks and a good ambience is really a very nice thing to do in Bangkok.

The temple of dawn ,Wat Arun

Next on our list of 10 things to do in Bangkok comes the temple of dawn, Wat Arun. It is one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok which is locally known as Wat Chaeng. It is situated on the riverside which is its one of the best feature other being its different design, colorfully decorated spires which stands majestically on water. Small shuttle boats take you to the temple. It is open daily from 8;30 to 5;30. To get to worship too in Bangkok is spiritually the best thing to do in Bangkok especially for Indians.

Sea life of Bangkok

It is one of the most interesting place’s of Bangkok. It is the ocean world. Many of my readers have just imagined how would it be to see sea life but it is possible too guys. What we’ve just watched in movies imagine if it sounds so interesting what would it be like to really watch it. Kids will enjoy and learn a lot. The things you’ll enjoy in it are shark tank, 5D cinema , underwater tunnel and watching the life of countless different species of marine life. This is a very popular thing to do in Bangkok.

Floating market

There are many floating markets in Bangkok like Khlong lat mayom ,Amphawa ,Bang khu wiang all have their own variety and importance  but  Damnoen saduak is the most popular market ,it is a market located in Bangkok where wooden row boats float by filled by tropical fruits veggies coconut juice and local foods. It  has an atmosphere full of tourists. You can relax and enjoy the market in a guided boat tour. Chilling out in a market and that too on a boat is an amazing idea to do the best thing in Bangkok.

Grand palace

It is a palace in Bangkok which is the main tourist attraction. Tourists find this very interesting thing to do in Bangkok.  This palace is too big. It consists of 214000 sq. meters. In olden era it was the home of King and official work of Thailand’s government took place here.

The high end shopper’s paradise

Who doesn’t like to visit shopping malls and that too which has many shops for high end fashion designers, largest aquarium, a huge cinema and unlimited food. Even car manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari  have showrooms there. Shopping is one of the best thing to do in Bangkok.

Stress and pain reliever, Thai massage

To feel the best and relieved from all the stress and fatigue or tiredness having a Thai massage is the best option you have. As this place is very famous for Thai massage so it is probably best thing to do in Bangkok.  You must have already heard about the very famous massage of Thailand. You will see ample of Thai massage parlors but the choice of the best massaging parlor is all yours. Find the most popular and best parlor but I can just assure you that all the research and money will be worth the relieving massage.

Skyscraper Sathorn unique tower

It is a 49 story skyscraper built in the heart of Bangkok but it never got completed  due to some crisis. So as it is too far and big to do anything but climb and enjoy the views from the top. There will be guards sitting at bottom but pay them off because the views you gonna experience  after climbing to the top would be worth of all your efforts.  Sitting on the 49th floor and seeing the mesmerizing view is the best thing to do in Bangkok.

That’s all about our list of things to do in Bangkok. Bangkok is really a fascinating, exciting, amazingly impressive and an astounding city to visit. No doubt there are much more interesting places rather than just these 10. One tour is just not enough to visit this beautiful city but these places above mentioned are a must visit if you want to invest your holidays time. We have just provided you with some of the best things you can do in Bangkok but there is much more.  Hope you will enjoy your tour and information provided by us will help fruitful for you.

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